My roots. The great North West Alberta.

Roots, Inner Work and Reflection. 

Ahhhh 2019…. Looking back on it, for me, this year has seen several big project completions, including a recording, graduate schoolwork, making way for new music and adventures. I’ve also been moving and shifting some personal patterns. For example, I’ve forged a deeper connection with roots – the picture above is taken near my parents’ home in North West Alberta. This year I have been learning more about where I come from and, as a result, who I am. And this review is another great way to keep doing that.

I Did It! Completed Recordings and Masters Degree

I’m very stoked to announce that this year has also brought the completion of a 5-year long music project, recordings of original singer-songwriter style tunes! Overall, the songs are reflective and uplifting in flavour. They are inspired by my personal and professional experiences and are a tribute to how I and others around me have adapted to and moved through difficult times.  This project itself had many ups and downs – including a few false starts, tricky mixes and even stolen tracks after a break-in – but the end result will be the release of two EPs in 2020!  I’m excited for you to hear them and will be releasing one song a month starting late January. Join my list to stay in the loop.

I also completed my MA in ethnomusicology, the study of music in culture. My research was on the evolution of kirtan (group chanting) both within and outside of South Asian culture and highlighted the health benefits experienced by participants.  The end result so far has been a thesis called “Sing, Pray Heal: Neo-Kirtan and the Perceived Health Benefits of Westernized Group Chanting.” Here is a link:

Completions: MA Convocation, November 2019

Transitions: Inward Work into External Connection

As you may know, I have recently found myself in a river of transition, floating along towards integration. Though it’s not 100% comfortable, I’m currently enjoying the looseness of a “what next” period – lots of possibilities and ideas. I’m thankful for a few dear people who are helping guide my steps as I grow down to level up with more and more integrity.

Another completion and shift I’m moving through has to do with how I show up communally and socially. A few years ago, you may have noticed that I pulled back from social media as I became more insular in order to undertake some massive personal healing as well as higher education.  Maybe you have also been experiencing something similar; there are often be many parallels between our experiences in community.  Recently, I have been emerging from this cocoon though still figuring out how to do so authentically and with calmness at my core.  I look forward to exploring with you here online and in-person as much as possible.

Upcoming Music Releases

New Music @ Winter Solstice White Party 2019

As mentioned, throughout the first half of 2020 I am planning to do a staggered release for my new music, offering a song a month beginning in late January. This will culminate in a live performance in late spring. Please stay tuned for more about “Journey On” and “From a Good Place.”

I also look forward to offering more live music performances, kirtan, individual sound therapy and am planning new online courses for spring 2020.  Stay tuned in!

You can connect with me on Instagram or Facebook. Always feel free to drop me a line at or join my email list or visit me on my nearly remodeled website.
Wishing you a Happy New Year beautiful friends!

xo Tiffany Sparrow